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Grading Rules

Darien Millworks & Timber wrote the grading rules for antique heart pine, based on the 1922 Southern Pine Inspection Bureau grading manual. It is now the industry standard.

We have inventory in all three grades. Let us help you decide which is right for your project.


95% Heart content

Clearest grade

Very few, small sound knots

Dense grain

Very few defects or nail holes

This grade of heart pine is used for fine millwork, furniture and cabinets, mouldings, and formal flooring

#1 & Better:

85% Heart or better

Dense grain

Sound knots (1 ½ " or less)

Few defects or nail holes

This is the most popular grade for flooring and paneling (the best buy for the money)

#2 Grade:

Less heart

More open and varied grain

Larger knots

More nail holes and minor defects

The most common uses for this grade are informal, rustic flooring and paneling