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This Just In

Darien Millworks & Timber has recently acquired the antique heart pine timbers out of the former Atlanta Paper Company.  The building, located at 225 Moore Street in downtown Atlanta, has quite a history. 

In 1864, the year of William Tecumseh Sherman‘s famous “March to the Sea,” the location served as a stable for the general’s horses.  It was one of the few structures left standing, Sherman’s troops having burned over 90% of the existing buildings in the city. 

From 1888 through 1910, the Southern Furniture Company used the address.  In one of the largest manufacturing plants of its day, they produced roll-top desks and a storage unit called the Compacto Chifforobe. 

It was the Atlanta Paper Company, however, that had the longest stay on Moore Street, from 1910 through 1964.  In the 1940’s, this company patented the “Bottle Master,” a six-pack soft drink case, first for Dad’s Root Beer and then for Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, and other major soft drink companies. 

Until its dismantling last year, the building has never been vacant.  Bonded Services Warehouse used the structure until 1994 when it was purchased by BloodnFire, an exciting ministry and church for the poor and disenfranchised of Atlanta. 

Tim Moran, owner and president of Darien Millworks & Timber, has kept a close eye on the building for over thirty years.  When BloodnFire decided to sell, Mr. Moran finally realized his dream of acquiring the timber from the 119-year-old building.  Most of the timbers are over 300 years old and therefore have the rich patina and grain (or “heart”) that makes for very desirable decorative timbers and dramatic flooring.